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Hello, my name is
Simon Bowden!

I’m a professional marketing coach with over 20 years experience helping business owners just like you.
I will help you generate exactly what you need - more qualified business leads, helping you grow your business.

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Is it time to RE-ENERGISE your Ringwood based business?

Or you might be growing beyond your current capabilities? Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a new business – or perhaps downsizing, retiring or selling your existing business? 

Whether you are currently struggling in business and trying to decide to take the first step, Simon Bowden has the marketing knowledge and business expertise to set you and your Ringwood business on the right path.

My coaching services are highly effective through every stage in growing your Ringwood business. From business inception through to retirement and selling, I’m able to assist with strategic advice on marketing, business growth, employee management, franchising, contracting, financial management, business structure and most importantly, evaluating and creating a point of difference within your business to outwit your competitors. 

Marketing and business coaching for existing Ringwood businesses

Are you the owner of an existing Ringwood based business and require changes?

Are you simply looking for some sound business or marketing advice?
Or perhaps you’ve lost motivation with continued loss’s in sales and don’t know who to ask for help?

I know what its like and fully understand that running a business can be a very lonely task and often scary. With employing a successful business marketing coach, you will re-discover the excitement of why you started your own Ringwood business in the first place.

A successful marketing business coach will help you:

  • Increase sales through creating a point of difference within your existing business
  • Become an inspiring leader for your staff and customers to follow
  • Implement strategic, effective and proven marketing strategies 
  • Better understand the financial side of your business and how to read the market
  • Create proven in-house systems guaranteed to increase existing productivity


Over the years, Simon Bowden has influenced and helped many Ringwood business owners activity grow their businesses. He invites you to read some of his testimonials to learn more in how he’s changed the lives of thousands of business owners.

Marketing and business coaching for new Ringwood businesses 

Have you got a great idea – but you’re not sure who? Simon Bowden will listen to your idea and evaluate the likelihood of your concept becoming a reality. Simon will help you build on your concept by offering suggestions in how to improve and develop your idea so its ready for marketing successfully.

A business coach is a vital part of any successful business and should be seen as an investment in your company’s future. Effective marketing and business coaching is also a key part of your personal learning and growth development, and is crucial to your business future success.

So how do I know if I need a marketing or business coach?

Ask yourself these simple questions. 

Are you the owner of a business who is:

  • Retiring your Ringwood business or preparing for sale?
  • Needs to improve internal systems?
  • Wanting to grow your business to the next level?
  • Needing an injection of motivation?
  • Wanting to up skill yourself and/or your staff in business know-how?
  • Wanting to increase your profit margins?
  • Looking to create more time for yourself and your family?
  • Establishing a new business?


If you answered YES to any or all of these questions then you’ll definitely benefit from my marketing and business coaching 45 minute FREE consultation.

Simon’s business and marketing coaching is a breath of fresh air for business owners needing effective leadership, mentoring and expertise to take their business to the next level. Simon has proven results and strategies that will guide and help you and your business thrive.

Simon Bowden brings inspiration, drive and a fresh perspective to running a Ringwood business. 

Ring Simon now if you have a business located in the Ringwood or surrounding suburbs. Call him now on 0419 874 619 to make a time to meet over a coffee.

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