30 November 2018

Try getting to know me first!


Let me explain…

I find it very offensive that people ask to connect with me on social media one day and low and behold the following day I receive a private message requesting me to consider their million dollar proposal or there’re simply trying to sell to me.

Do these parasites really understand what marketing is all about? Obviously, they don’t understand it’s about farming for prospects not hunting. I’ve built a successful business teaching business owners the importance of building TRUST with buyers first. For some businesses, it might take years to build enough trust in someone before they fork out their life’s savings.

How dare these fly-by-nighters expect me to consider their proposals when I don’t even know them. At no stage have they invested the time to get to know me and what type of business I operate.

So you can imagine my response! I told them how unprofessional they were in contacting me and how they’d missed the mark when they researched their ideal customer. Also, they neglected to build trust with me before trying to sell to me and how annoyed I was receiving a private message selling to me a professional service that I perform myself.

I feel better now!

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