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Hello, my name is
Simon Bowden!

I’m a professional marketing coach with over 20 years experience helping business owners just like you.
I will help you generate exactly what you need - more qualified business leads, helping you grow your business.

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Berwick’s Most Helpful Marketing and Business Coach

I often get asked, “What is Business and Marketing Coaching and can it help my company in Berwick?

Well, the purpose of coaching my clients is to explore, challenge, support, encourage, and of course, motivate my business owners to take control of their business on a path to greater success. My goal is guiding you to be a successful leader with a thriving business.

My first step is helping you create a list of inspiring business goals. These goals may have been shelved for a number of years, so we discuss effective ways of achieving these through practical, action based planning sessions. Together we’ll hone your current skill-set, address and overcome many challenges you’re probably facing, and ultimately increase your performance so that you will profit from a growing business.

I understand that being a business owner can be a lonely journey. Working with me you will not feel alone. You will receive daily or weekly support and encouragement depending on your individual needs. In order to create a successful business, and ultimately running an ever growing business, you need to be playing at the top to move forward. Similar to the best AFL footballer will have a coach to guide, encourage, push and advise to achieve the best from each of the playing team members. The coach needs to motivate each player when required and achieve the best from his players to win the ultimate reward. 

Do you constantly remind yourself with thoughts like, “I’m really good at what I do, but need help from an expert to become better at what I do”?

Or “I’m finding it hard to generate an acceptable profit in the business”? Or maybe you feel guilty taking a break because you feel the business will suffer without you? I hear these questions all the time from business owners needing help.

So you’re a Berwick business owner and you’re feeling frustrated and you’d like to know more about targeted marketing?

Unfortunately, feeling frustrated is only just the start of a downward spiral leading you to second guess everything. Chances are you know what you want to achieve but you aren’t seeing the solutions in order to make it happen. I’ll work with you to investigate the reasons why you’re not achieving the results you want. I deliver easy-to-follow coaching action plans which are designed to reignite the passion you once had and put the profit back into your business. 

If you’re struggling with engaging new customers but don’t know why, I can help you determine the root cause, reignite your company’s sales and help set new benchmarking business goals for future growth. It doesn’t matter what size business you have. I have a wealth of coaching experience with developing and implementing a range of different strategic marketing strategies for large multi-national corporations right down to smaller one or two man businesses located in Berwick, Hallam, Dandenong and surrounding South Eastern suburbs. Its like having a Marketing Consultant on staff working on ways to improve your business.

Likewise, if you’re already running a successful business but you’ve recognised an opportunity to achieve a higher level of excellence, I can advise you on a number of marketing growth strategies designed to deliver full potential for those business leaders needing to be challenged at a faster pace. 

So ask yourself, “How many Monday’s have come and gone since you said, ‘I’ll start next week’?

Make the decision TODAY! 

Ring Simon Bowden on 0419 874 619 to invest in your own tailored Marketing and Business Coaching solution.

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